Welcome to New Life Essential Oils! Our family has discovered the best, authentic essential oils in the world – Young Living Essential Oils. Using these pure therapeutic grade oils has helped us to transform our lives to greater health, happiness and well-being, a new life! We are excited to share our passion so you, your family, and friends can take control of your own health and improve your life experience. New Life Oils is committed to providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle all infused with the life-changing benefits of essential oils.

New Life Essential Oils

Transform your life

Our family’s passion is to help others achieve a better quality of life through the use of essential oils. You can achieve this quality of life through growing, healing and living. The links below will help you transform your life through education, learn how we use essential oils, achieve higher levels of health, and grow in abundance.

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Seed to Seal - Young Living provides the best oils on earth

A Note on Rare and Seasonal Essential Oils

Young Living’s 20+ year history is built on a deep commitment to offering superior essential oils through our proprietary Seed to Seal® process.  Seed to Seal is a sustainable partnership with the earth. Therefore, products are subject to the cycles of nature. While some products may have limited or seasonal availability, we are proud to offer you essential oils that are pure and potent, without compromising on the processes that ensure unmatched authenticity. Because our extensive product line boasts hundreds of essential oils and blends, you won’t have to look far for alternative picks you’ll love.


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Essential Oils Guide

Every essential oil has a unique benefit to facilitate your body’s natural healing process. Learn & Discover how amazing essential oils can be for your health using our family’s essential oil guide.

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Essential Oil Recipes

Therapeutic grade essential oils can be applied to the skin topically, ingested, or diffused to receive the maximum benefit of the oil enzymes.  Check out our family’s fantastic essential oil recipes.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

Transform any living space to improve allergies, mental clarity, and air quality by diffusing essential oils naturally. Aromatize any room, with just a few drops and a deep breath.

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New Life Essential Oils

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